Keeping in Touch; March 2021

“You have nothing to do but to save souls. Therefore spend and be spent in this work. And go not only to those that need you, but to those that need you most. It is not your business to preach so many times, and to take care of this or that society; but to save as many souls as you can.” John Wesley

Despite hardships and a shifting nature of church, worship and social gatherings in 2020, Metro Society emphasised spending our energies on those people that needed us most during national lockdown. Inequalities and injustice surfaced throughout the year, and as a church we endeavoured to stand alongside those people who had lost employment, who had no food, and who had fallen behind in their education. Although we could never do enough, we did provide 1000 people with basic provisions, assisted the under resourced learners with tangible assistance, and reached out to those among us who needed legal and pastoral care for broken relationships. In an incarnational way, modelled on Jesus’s life, we tried to show love which would in turn save souls. May we continue to be church in the city centre: showing love to our fellow people, being united with each other in service to God, and to preach the Gospel. May we save as many souls as we can.

Attached in this booklet is the reports of the work of God in the continually changing year of 2020. It was a difficult year of making tough decisions, and the changes are not yet over. 2021 will continue to bring challenges, and by the grace of God we will overcome them to spread the Good News.

The aftermath of Corona restrictions continues to live with us. Declining attendance, reduced financial resources and limited ministry contact negatively impacts the life of the church. If the church is to survive the pandemic, we have to build relationships through whatever means available. The role of the contact leader takes on bigger significance as we engage personally with each other. The contact groups are Wesleyan in nature, modelled on the importance of interpersonal contact. In the 1800’s John Wesley called it a Holiness Movement, and the Method he implemented became synonymous with the people he led. My prayer as you read these reports is that you will be convicted to get involved in the life of the church. Perhaps you will pick up the phone to encourage someone, volunteer to tutor at BtheC, or even once a year offer to organise Christmas boxes. May we be a people who care for people, a people who Love God with all our heart mind soul and strength, and love our neighbour as we love ourselves.

Teri Beghin

Pastor and Lay Minister

Metro Methodist Church

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