Pastor Teri Beghin

BSc Agric (McGill), BTh (SMMS), Ministerial Formation (SMMS), BTh Hon (UKZN)


Born in Canada and born-again in South Africa, I consider myself equally a child of both nations.  Home is outside PMB where I live with my husband and two children.  

​Belonging in a family is important to me, & I have many families throughout the world.

I have extended family, chosen family, church family & brothers and sisters in ministry.  I cherish each relationship.

My time at Seth Mokitimi Methodist Seminary from 2012 included ministerial placements in Howick, Mpophomeni, and Masukwana Street.   During this time one of the lasting memories of ministry is of Ndzondelelo evangelical outreach in Umthatha.  A wonderfully challenging moment of breaking boundaries, sharing love and healing, and allowing God to transform my hardened heart. 

My passions involve wholehearted worship, Justice & Service, and intercultural reconciliation.  

I joined Metro Society in 2017 as temporary ministerial placement, and in 2018 was asked to stay to continue ministry in the city centre.  I have had many challenges, but the most difficult has been continuing to minister during the Covid 19 pandemic. 

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